Short Biography

1984 - designer or Artist

Throughout my early years I struggled constantly to define my creativity and to know what I was to do with it.
I began my ‘after college life’ as an artist, creating sculptures and room sized installations, showing work in galleries and museums both in Boston and NYC. Often my sculptures and paintings reflected my love for and connection with the ocean.  By 1992 my family had grown in size and I realized a growing need of stable provision so . . . I entered the world of  architectural branding design for the corporate​ world.
Switching to 3D design services certainly stretched my creativity
in new ways, learning the
newest technologies and materials
​ available for creating ‘whatever’, I needed to. One thing didn’t change however and that was the lasting effect that growing
up playing outdoors. How to create a new way to express the deep
​sense of place I feel in beautiful places





2013 was a year to turn another corner. It was time to change once again and forge a new direction, a direction that would draw together my greatest loves, talents and enjoyments.  Welcome to PLACE UNIQUE FORMS, a true marriage of art and design; design following function, art allowing creativity and materials to transport you to your unique PLACE!